What is Supercharged Brazilian Butt Lift, or Istanbul Butt Lift

“Super-charged Brazilian butt lift” or “Istanbul BBL” technique as named by Dr. Gokhan Beyhan, is a technique combining two different butt lifting methods: Fat transfers and gluteal implants.

Common Techniques used for Gluteal Augmentation (BBL)

There used to be two common methods in use for buttocks augmentation. First and most common technique is fat transfer to the buttocks and also known as Brazilian butt lift. In this method fat taken from certain areas of the body such as belly, waist ,and back are transferred to buttocks. As fat tissue is known as the most natural filling material and as it is very pliable, you can shape the buttocks easily as desired by the patient.

Other way of gluteal augmentation is using silicon gluteal implants. This technique is usually utilized for patients who don’t have enough volume of body fat to get their desired results.

Gluteal implants, when placed inside the gluteal muscle is a very versatile way of gluteal augmentation. Thick muscle layer covering the implant prevents it to be felt from outside and also prevents displacement of the implants.
In gluteal implant surgery, it is necessary to put the implants inside the muscle. But this also means that it is not possible to augment the areas outside the muscle trajectory with this method. These areas include, sides of the hips and lower part of buttocks which is an essential part of the Brazilian butt look.

What is Super-charged BBL used for?
Super charged BBL technique combines these two different buttock augmentation techniques at one surgery in order to get most of their unique advantages. These advantages are:

  1. Using two different methods together gives the ability to do more augmentation at one surgery rather than when they are used alone. That’s also why it is called “super-charged BBL” .
  2. Gluteal implants provide a versatile, reliable muscle augmentation with projection.
  3. Adding fat injections over the area of gluteal implants adds an extra layer for support and extra projection while decreasing the chances for the implants to be felt or seen outside.
  4. Ability to make fat injections to areas that may not be covered by implants, like hips, provides a more natural and wider buttocks appearance.
  5. Added liposuction to harvest fat grafts also helps to shape the body creating a slimmer waist and upper body enhancing the effects of Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Where can I get more information about this procedure?

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