For many, losing weight looks like impossible; genetics, age and the stress of modern life among various factors, lead to local accumulations of fat that are very difficult to burn through exercise and dieting.

Being happy with our body and self-image is not a vain aspiration, it can positively improve your life’s quality, boost your self-confidence and inspire motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

Liposuction is an option to get rid of unwanted fat. It is basically a two step cosmetic surgery. The first step consists in detaching subcutaneous fat cells called “lipolysis”. The second one is the process of “suction”, where the fat cells in question are removed from the body.

Body fat tends to accumulate in specific parts of the body. In females, most common areas are the stomach, hips, inner thighs and knees. In males, most complaints come from fat in stomach and chest (gynecomastia).

Otherwise jowl, wrists, arms and the face are also areas notably accumulating fats that negatively affect our esthetic appearance.

Three types of liposuction procedures can be opted according to the desired intervention:

  • Traditional liposuction
  • Vaser liposuction
  • Laser liposuction

Traditional Liposuction

Also known as “fat removal surgery”, the traditional liposuction procedure consists of removing adipocytes (fat cells) from specific areas of the body in order the reshape it.

Areas mostly targeted for this procedure are:

  • Arms
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Buttocks
  • Chin

Liposuction is performed under general anesthesia or local anesthesia in line with proper sedation. It is a 1-2 hours minor surgery and the patient generally can go home right after the procedure.

A thin cannula connected to a vacuum device is inserted through a small incision to rapidly, efficiently and permanently remove fat.

Vaser liposelection and liposuction

The Vaser© method is an improved version of the classic ultrasonic lipolysis procedure. Through the use of high frequency waves, unwanted fat cells are detached from tissues and softened.

Advantages of the Vaser© method:

With the Vaser technology, ultrasonic energy is directly orientated to fat cells. This ensures a delicate removal of the cells from tissues (veins, nerve tissue, connective tissue); minimizing the damage on surrounding tissues, it reduces post-surgical symptoms like bleeding, bruises and pain.
The Vaser method, contrarily to the classic method, distributes energy in a homogenous way. This especially prevents skin irregularities after liposuction procedures on superficial zones (superficial liposuction).

It allows the creation of natural nuances and shades on the body. This is mostly used to enhance the shape of abdominal and pectoral muscles.

Ultrasonic energy stimulates sublayers of the skin, thereby helping the skin to regenerate following the liposuction process.

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction involves the application of cold laser light directly to the skin. This stimulates fat cells to release their stored fat. This process is completely natural and involves biochemical mechanisms that occur naturally in the body. The water, glycerol and free fatty acids released from the cell, cause the fat cell to shrink. The lymphatic system then drains the
by-products away. This is a completely non-invasive technique and there is no recovery time necessary. The laser penetrates the skin through the hypodermis and does not reach the surrounding organs, rendering it safe.

A tumescent local anaesthetic is administered. Then, a very fi ne cannula containing the laser fi bre (Osyfi bre) is inserted under the skin through a tiny incision and directly into the fat. The laser beam is then methodically guided through the area and directed towards the fat cells, effectively destroying them and concurrently tightening the skin through collagen stimulation. There is very little bleeding, bruising or swelling with this procedure.

This particular form of liposuction can:

    • Reduce appearance of cellulite
    • Target specifi c areas
    • Targets any area on the body which is resistant to diet
      and exercise
    • The body can be re-sculpted or contoured, common areas for treatment are the stomach, back (bra bulge), buttocks, chin, neck, love handles, thighs and upper arms.
    • It is an affordable treatment compared to alternative techniques
    • The treatment is safe, no abnormal effects on the body or damage to body tissue, blood vessels or neighbouring vital organs.
    • Treatment can be performed on all skin types
    • Normal activity can resume post treatment, no “downtime”
    • Immediate results can be seen after each treatment