Breast Enlargement


Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement and breast implant surgeries are performed in order to give volume and curve, restore lost volume and firmness.

Use of implants

We use FDAA-approved MENTOR and MOTIVA silicones for the surgery.

Silicone implants are of diverse sizes and shapes. The right one is chosen after a consultation with the patient.

The operation

Incisions are made around the nipple or under the breast to place the implant. Silicone implants may directly be placed under the breast tissue, but also under the pectoral muscle for patients with low breast volume.

Post operation

Breast enlargement surgery takes about 1-2 hours to be done. The patient is required to come for a medical check for few days and may start to work again within one week.

1.Use of implants

Dr. G Beyhan believes that the quality of implants is probably the most important factor when considering Breast Enlargement Istanbul. It is essential that the surgery be successful and has a positive psychological impact on the patient; and to this extent, we only prefer MENTOR or MOTIVA brand FDAA-approved and guaranteed silicone implants in all the procedures. This way, certain problems such as late onset-capsule formation and the occurrences of breast ripples can be fully avoided.

2.Selection of Implants (Round vs. Teardrop)

Every patient opting for Breast Augmentation must understand that there is no onesize-fi ts-all solution. In order to get the best results, the implant selection should be planned according to the anatomy and preferences of the person.

Generally Round Silicone implants Istanbul are seen as traditional implants as they offer greater fl exibility in fi tting the breast size and body types of a large number of women. On the other hand the Teardrop breast implants, also called “Form Stable” implants, has silicone gel which is a little thicker and can hold a defi nite shape. Thus, Dr. G Beyhan discusses the advantages of the various implants with the patients personally to help them select the most appropriate implant size and shape.

3.Bloodless Technique

Dr. G Beyhan suggests the use of Bloodless technique as it can avoid postoperative complications such as pain or capsular contracture. Detailed research suggests that capsule formation can be fully avoided if bleeding is minimized during and after breast surgery Istanbul. This also removes the necessity of using drains.

4.Detailed Preoperative Consultation

It is always advised to get a detailed evaluation of the breast augmentation procedure fi rst to have a successful surgery. It is important to recognize problems such as sagging breasts and asymmetry in breasts before the cosmetic surgery Istanbul and to address them in the actual procedure to get good results.

Dr. G Beyhan also discusses the complete medical history of the patient in detail. It includes all medical information, previous surgeries, drug allergies and breast biopsies that the patient has undergone, all of which help in deciding the right operative plan.

5.Strict Follow-up

Dr. G Beyhan stays in constant touch with all our patients for post-operative inspection, careful monitoring and post-surgical care. Our focus is to provide the best care to ensure the best long-term results to all patients. Overseas patients can follow up periodically over the phone and video calls for 2 years.

Postoperative Care

The breast augmentation surgery usually lasts for about 1-2 hours and the patient doesn’t need extensive postoperative care. Pain is usually minimal and is easily controlled by the pain relievers prescribed by Dr. G Beyhan. The patient may need to use antibiotics for a short period after the breast implant Istanbul. The patient is asked to take rest in the beginning and to visit the clinic at regular intervals. The breast augmentation recovery time is usually 5-7 days after which the patients can start working, depending on their profession.

Details of the Procedure

Dr. G Beyhan will discuss with you fi rst about the areas of incision to minimize scarring; which even if present, will heal over time. Anaesthesia is essential before the surgery for the comfort of the patient after which the incision starts. Silicone implants could be placed directly under the breast tissue; however, in women with very little breast tissue, the implant is placed underneath the chest muscles to cover the implant with a thicker cover. Dr. G Beyhan usually prefers the “Dual Plane” method where the implant is placed under the pectoral muscle and directly behind the breast tissue, over the pectoral muscle. This offers the dual advantages of submameric and subcutaneous placement.


Q. Should the breast prostheses (implants) be replaced at regular intervals?

No. We only use high-quality breast implants that do not have a fi xed usage period. As such there is absolutely no need for them to be replaced and patients can have them unchanged for life.

Q. Is it necessary to remove the prosthesis during pregnancy?

Absolutely not. According to a study, there was no signifi cant difference in the milk of the mothers with breast implants when compared to the milk of those without implants. So it’s completely safe for patients with prosthesis during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Q. How is the implant decided?

The most important criterion when choosing implants is the patient’s wish. There are certain measurements and calculations done beforehand in creating the desired size of natural looking breasts. With the best technology, Dr. G. Beyhan will prescribe prostheses of appropriate sizes and shapes for all kinds of patients.

Q. What are the Breast enlargement prices Istanbul like?

We offer very competitive and inexpensive breast surgery services to all our patients. The breast surgery cost may vary based on other criteria such as the size & shape of implants. In addition, the price covers exclusive benefit ts such as:

  • 5-night stay at a luxurious 5-star Hotel
  • Transport facilities from the Airport to your hotel and the clinic
  • Inclusive of the cost of surgery and the postoperative medicines
  • 3-year Postoperative Care Programme
  • 24/7 helpline for both domestic and international patients
  • A specially designated patient care assistant